Social Policy Responses to
Manage Changing Welfare Needs

Welfare needs in East Asia are changing. Also the rapid social change and diversity in a growing transborder East Asia are casting challenges, and discussion on the future policy orientation is gaining its attention not only within East Asian countries but also globally. Fast changing economies and societies in East Asia present rather complicated features as the experiences may be quite different from other countries in the world in terms of their speed, cultural aspects and complexity. In managing these challenges, governments are developing social policies and the East Asian welfare states are going through some restructuring. This includes not only problems in conventional social policy areas such as unemployment, inequality and poverty, family breakdown, and aging society, but also, possibly, new wave of transformation of society.  >>more

About EASP

The East Asian Social Policy (EASP) research network was established in January 2005 to facilitate research exchange and co-operation among East Asian social policy analysts and to provide a forum and network of communication for the development of East Asian social policy analysis as a field of research.

The Network welcomes a multi-disciplinary approach to the analysis of East Asian social policies. It is open to people from a range of disciplines, including social policy, sociology, political science, and economics.

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